Here I go again…

…on my own…($1 to anyone who can name who sang that song).

I am back with another installment of the This Spartan Will blog. What’s this blog about? Well, I’m not totally sure yet. It most likely will be focused on my journey to Ironman Lake Placid in July and all the craziness that goes into that.

I am guessing it will probably include random thoughts, some funny quips and photos, as well a bit of brain dump and venting.

I am open to other ideas, too- I do enjoy writing and find it to be a good release, even if no one reads my posts!

More to come- thank you for following along and being my virtual cheerleader, even if you don’t know you are!



3 Replies to “Here I go again…”

  1. Here I go, again on my own! Going down the only road I’ve ever known! Like a drifter I was born to walk alone….
    I’ll stop there but I had to join in. It’s Foreigner I think, right??
    I’m excited for your return to blogging!


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