145 days

Happy (almost) Wednesday, everyone!

145 days.

That’s how long I have until Ironman Lake Placid. I’m not sure if that terrifies, worries or excites me. Guessing it’s a little of all of those right now.

That’s a few days more than 20 weeks. Not sure if 5 months sounds better or worse to me.

I’m always amazed at how quickly the days fly by every week. Like, how is it Wednesday already again tomorrow? But the other half of me says “it’s only Wednesday? Yeesh.” 

I am managing to somehow juggle what’s been put in front of me with work, training, my family, and life in general, although if I’m honest with myself (and with you lovely people), I’m really not sure how I’m staying above water.

There are days when I am pretty much toast by about 7:30pm, and other days when I have a ton of energy and can’t fall asleep. That also may be completely related to how my almost 2-year-old sleeps during the night (or shall I say doesn’t sleep…). She has taken an affinity to giving us trouble going to bed, and then appearing in our room around 2:27am most every night, like clockwork.

Hi, mama” coming from a little voice standing next to you in the middle of the night is nothing short of jarring, in case you were wondering. Holy bananas, I almost jump out of my skin. 

But I digress.

I’ve been trying so hard to complete every one of my workouts that my amazing coach and dear friend Matt gives me. So far I’ve only missed 2 swims and maybe 1 run in the 8 1/2 weeks I’ve been training.

Not too shabby.

Matt’s been so good to me, and provides me with more support than I could imagine. This is challenging, but it’s truly making me better every single day. I learned so much from my first Ironman coach, Roman, who did so much to prep me in 2012.  Having Matt’s help this time around is building on what Roman did, and strengthening my mental and physical abilities more than I ever imagined.

This is Matt. And of course he’s a Spartan as well as a crazy fast runner/triathlete

Although some of the workouts can be intimidating, I make it through and I hit almost all of the in-workout targets he sets for me. It has been an adjustment for me doing “heart rate training” where I really am controlling my heart rate more than I ever have in my life. At first, I was frustrated with going “slow” even though it’s not “slow. It’s called getting my aerobic-self ready for 140.6 miles. After all, Ironman is an endurance event, not a sprint.

Duh, Erika…did you forget that part? Clearly I did for a brief time.

I need my heart to work with me for the hours I’ll be on the course in Lake Placid. Matt is training my heart (literally and figuratively), my legs, my lungs and most importantly my HEAD. The mental aspect of Ironman is not easy and really takes a lot of work in addition to the miles on the road and in the pool.

I also have to remember to focus on myself and my goals and stay motivated towards that finish line, whatever it takes.

Yep.My motivation will take donuts. I guarantee that.

I’m thankful for my family to help me through this journey. Rob, my girls and my family and friends are my biggest cheerleaders and you all have NO idea how much I appreciate it.

As my blog title says, “This Spartan Will.”

That’s my promise to myself and to you all.

…or at least for the next 145 days!





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