Just Keep Swimming!

Anyone else love Dori from Finding Nemo? She is one of my favorite Disney characters and I think it’s partly the reason I love Ellen DeGeneres so much too! There is something about Dori that makes me smile and laugh – even though she’s not the brightest and a bit scattered to say the least.

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Dori tries so hard to be everyone’s friend, to help even if she doesn’t really know how, come up with solutions to their problems or simply just be there to swim along side as they try to find their way. She may be forgetful and have no idea what just happened a minute before, but that never stops her. And she may be struggling to keep it together but seems to never let it show – she just keeps swimming.

Is it sad that I can relate to Dori and sort of feel like I could be her, in human form? It’s a slight stretch, but honestly it’s pretty close to reality these days.

I struggle with how to make everyone happy and help as many people as I can. And sometimes I’m the one who gets left behind. I had a bit of a breakdown on Friday trying to figure out why I can’t make everything a priority and still keep my sanity. I don’t know how to be a mom, wife, daughter, employee, triathlete, friend, Wildtree rep, volunteer, soccer coach, etc.. all at the same time without letting someone down. Oh and I almost forgot – there’s one other piece to the puzzle, too: Myself! “I gotta be me”, right? Sure.

I actually didn’t know this was a song by Sammy Davis, Jr. And I’ve never known the lyrics. They’re pretty perfect. 

And I absolutely know I’m not the only one who has a billion “titles” to juggle – we all do in our own lives and the struggle is certainly real.

Today, for example, I started the day as Mom (as I do most every morning) to get Julia ready and off to school, clean the house and get Emily to her dentist appointment, while multi-tasking as Employee with my work email and scheduling meetings with colleagues. The majority of the day has been as Employee, of course, but I had to combine that with Triathlete and Volunteer as I did my run while listening into a WebEx about a new committee at work I’d like to be part of. The rest of the day will be a mix between Employee, Mom, Wife and Friend.

The problem with that? I have excluded ME.

How do I include ME? I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe it’s simply doing things like updating this blog. Or treating myself to the Jimmy John’s I had earlier after my workouts (don’t judge). Or maybe it’s being all of the things I listed above – all of them make up ME. So maybe that is how I’m defined now and I can no longer refer to just ME.

Anyone else struggle with this concept, or am I just over-thinking things?

I truly approach each day with the mantra from Dori of “Just Keep Swimming.” There are days, though, when I feel like this guy:


But notice how close he is to the rock to be able to stand? I have to remember there’s always a rock close by – it’s just opening my eyes to be able to find it!

Just Keep Swimming…Just Keep Swimming…


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