Day by day

Sorry for my lack of posting – I had so intended on this blog to be a release for me, a way for me to unwind and just write. However, it always seems to take a backseat to more fun things like organizing my kitchen pantry.

(true story – I actually am doing that – It’s amazing how much better it looks with some $3 glass containers from Hobby Lobby and $7 organizing buckets from IKEA!) 

Anyway, I digress. (See?? I’m already off track!)

As with everyone, life has been crazy lately between new responsibilities at work including more travel than I was expecting, Emily’s never-ending energy (including every night at 1:30am…), Julia’s school and after-school activities, coaching soccer, family events, trying to have a social life with friends, all while fitting in Ironman training. Oh and did I mention a fun bout with pink eye? Good times right there. I don’t recommend it if you can avoid it – it feels like sand paper in your eye and I looked like I had been punched in the face.

Good times indeed.

I truly am kind of floating through day by day in a haze, not really knowing what time it is or what day it is.

I suppose that is ok at times because I don’t really have time to honestly sit and think about things too much or I would possibly paralyze myself and just shut down.

Why do I do it? Why not just give something up and call it a day? Well, because it’s all things I *WANT* to do and I really think it’s important to show my girls dedication and seeing things through to the end. Sure, there are times when I want to quit but I know they’re watching and that means a lot to me. It may not be for everyone, but for me, it’s what works.

The good news is that even with being somewhat of a crazy person always taking on too much, I somehow I’ve managed to really not miss any workouts (except for a swim when I was dealing with my stupid eye!). I ran a half marathon on Sunday and did better than I expected, even on fatigued legs/body/mind. I’m up to 4 hours on the bike, almost 2 hours on the run and about 40-45:00 on the swim (equivalent to about 1.5 miles for me).

It looks like my training is working for me and I’m getting better prepared than I expected.

So I sit here, 73 days from the race, and I have a mixture of emotions about it. I get butterflies all the time, but I’m also surprisingly calm (right now anyway…ask me in an hour and that will change). I know I’m putting in all of the hours now to reap the rewards on race day. I am trying not to look too far ahead so I don’t freak myself out too badly. I know what’s coming in the very near future. I know I have a 10 hour training day in the mix, a 100 mile bike ride, a 20 mile run, a 2 mile swim, etc. But in order to not overthink that too soon, I’m choosing to take it…

…say it with me..

…day by day. 

I am staying focused, staying as engaged as I can with my family and smiling through the rough parts as best I can. Sure, there are days when it feels like it’s impossible. Sure, there are days when I am just done by 7pm. Sure, I’ve had to sacrifice something in order to do something else, but I’m making it work for me (for the most part).

Here are a few pictures to sum up a few of my recent days:

Emily turned 2 and we got to spend most of the day together (so thankful to have had time off work!)
She also started swim lessons! Triathlete in the making??
My wonderful friend Traci took pictures of the girls for Emily’s birthday, and got this one of me, too. My greatest accomplishment in life is these 2!
My loves
This sums up Emily in 1 photo
Thanks to my company, I was able to run the Borgess Half Marathon in Kalamazoo on Mother’s Day. A great course and perfect weather
Got home from the race to all of these goodies from my girls (and from Rob!)- love being their mom!

To anyone out there who thinks you can’t, or having a rough time, never fear. Tomorrow is a new day, right?

Day by day. 

(hell, at this point I’ll take minute by minute!) 

Have a great week!





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