Last full month of Ironman Training!

I’m back. I just can’t seem to get in a regular cadence with this blog these days – guess it’s one of those things that when something has to give, this is what “gives”. Oh well, right!?

So June brings the last full month of training before I taper down for Ironman, which is July 24th. That seems so far away, but yet it seems SO SOON. I’m starting to slightly panic and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it’s fear of not living up to the goal I have in my head, fear of something going wrong on race day, or something irrational like being swallowed into a sink hole on the bike. Regardless, I’m a nervous wreck.

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My training has been on point, thanks to my awesome coach Matt. He works with me every week to design a plan that will fit into my life as a working mom with a ton going on, and I appreciate his willingness to plan around things I can’t miss. I somehow have been able to fit everything in and only miss a few minutes here and there, or an occasional swim (which is the one discipline I’m comfortable with and don’t really “need” a ton of practice for).

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My weeks usually consist of the following (turn away now if you’re not into the geeky training talk…but I promise to keep it short!) – all of which are tracked using my heart rate monitor. Matt wants me to hit specific targets with each interval in every workout to build my endurance and train my body to handle longer time frames at a lower, consistent heart rate:

  • Mondays: 60-70 minute bike and 1.5 mile swim  
  • Tuesdays: Longer bike (maybe 90 minutes) 
  • Wednesdays: Tempo/interval run (40-50 minutes) and 1.5 mile swim 
  • Thursdays: Bike an hour or so with some speed or hill work 
  • Fridays: Easier run, around 45 minutes and 1.5 mile swim 
  • Saturdays: Anywhere from 2-4 hours on the bike, followed immediately by a 30-60 minute run (these are challenging for sure) 
  • Sundays: OFF day (thankfully…although this week I have a 2 hour run on Sunday!)

I’m putting in about 11-12 hours of solid training every week, with an increase someting in the next couple of weeks I’m sure. Along with my work and family obligations, it’s definitely difficult. I know there are people who put in more hours training, but I feel like every workout I have is focused and there’s no wasted “time” when I lace up my shoes, put on my goggles or hop on my bike.

And honestly? I’m not sure I could handle much more right now! I’ve hit the stage where I’m always hungry, but nothing really sounds “good” to eat, and I am in a constant haze from being exhausted. Makes YOU want to train for an Ironman, right?! It’s so glamorous!!

I don’t want to wish days away, but I’m ready for July 24th to be here so I can put my training to the ultimate test and aim for my big, bold goal (which I won’t share until after the race!).

Here goes nothing for the next 42 days or so…

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