A race recap and “sniffing pie”

Oh hey, everyone. Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the start of summer so far. Things are always so hectic at the end of the school year – I will never understand why things get SO packed into the last 3 weeks of classes! Good grief, I thought it would never end but today was the first Monday of not having to get Julia up for school, make snacks and lunches and be on a schedule. It was so nice for her, I’m sure (although my day doesn’t change – I’m still up at 6:15, checking email and getting chores done before the official work day starts. I swear laundry multiplies overnight. Gremlins or something – sheesh).

it is insane how much they grew!

So, I blinked and it’s June 20th. My race is July 24th.

Not counting today, and not counting race day, that’s 32 days.

Holy bananas. 

via Google. I really want this shirt.                        I may order it. 

The past week or so has challenged me with my training for sure, with a few very long brick workouts, the longest swim I’ve done since 2012 and battling allergies/cold right now that is making my lungs hate me. And I hate them right back.

I also did my only triathlon prior to Ironman last weekend – an Olympic distance in Detroit. My first tri in my new 40-44 age group! I went into it trying to have zero expectations of myself, but that never quite works out. I am always competing with myself to do my very best and not leave anything on the course. The race itself went well overall, although I felt like it could have gone better. I had a short panic at the start of the swim – I have no idea why but couldn’t catch my breath and my legs felt like cement poles. Thankfully it subsided about 200 meters in but I honestly thought about quitting.

For a brief second. Then I smacked my brain back into gear and remembered Dory:

“Just Keep Swimming…” 

I settled into the swim and felt great. I have no idea of my time vs. previous years but guessing it was decent and overheard someone saying I was 4th or 5th woman (out of about 49 total – a small race but about triple the size of last year!).

I “yogged” through transition,( jogging-yogging-anchorman-ron-burgundy-meme-269x286)sat down to take my wet suit off and off I went on the bike. It was crazy windy that day but beautiful otherwise. I felt like I had a good handle on the bike, dealt with the wind when it was in my face, pushed it when it was at my back, and finished with a 21.8 mph average, which for me is outstanding. I felt great coming off the bike too which gave me some confidence.

The run was meh at best. I just felt like I was plodding along and didn’t feel comfortable. I walked a couple of times, got water at the aid stations, and then got passed my 3 women. Dammit. For some reason, getting passed in the last mile of a triathlon makes me super mad at myself. But alas, it happened and I just kept going. The run ended up being 6.5 miles, but I thought it was a 10k. So when I hit the 6 mile mark, I thought ‘ok, kick it in with whatever you have….’ but I may have kicked a bit too soon, as it was .3 miles longer than I was expecting. Dang.

But I finished. I wasn’t happy at the finish (and looked like death – I won’t even share the photo my dad took!) but once I calmed myself down and remembered how exhausted mentally and physically I am from training, I realized I didn’t do as badly as I thought. I ended up 6th overall female and 2nd in my age group. I’ll take it for sure. And the crazy part was Rob raced too and we finished with our times being ONE SECOND apart! I thought that was awesome – he did a great job on his first Olympic! My dad raced the sprint and was 3rd in his age group – he’s pretty much my hero. And my friend Rachel did her first sprint! Here we are at the end:


And my age group award was so cute!


No days off after the race, as I got right back into a full week of training on Monday, which culminated on Friday with me taking the day off work to fit in a 5 hour interval ride/45:00 run brick. It was challenging but I got it done and actually felt ok during the whole thing (other than a sore booty from the bike!). And I got to enjoy my weekend KID-FREE thanks to my mother-in-law! We went to dinner, and spent Saturday volunteering at a running race, and then all day with friends at Jimmy Buffett – my most favorite day of the year. Fins Up!

Drinks and dinner in Canada (eh?)
My volunteer garb for the Liberty Fest race 
My Parrothead people!

My coach Matt tells me I have some basic workouts this week (today’s run was a suck fest), then a 2.5 hour run on Saturday and one more long brick after that…then, in his words, I’ll be “sniffing pie.” 

via Google. Although I think I would rather have a pizza pie!

In other words, I’m almost ready for taper and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible. As much as I’m terrified by that, I’m also thankful to be nearing the end of this 7 month journey. I’m excited for the race, I’m ready to put my training to the test and trust in myself that I can do it. Just wish to the weather gods for favorable conditions on July 24th!!


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  1. You are in the middle of IM training and got an AG award–YOU ARE AMAZING!! And I’m so happy you got to have a great break on the weekend 😀 You’re almost at taper time; you’ve got this!!


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