Kittens and Unicorns


It’s been a while since I posted last and I’m sure you missed me. Right?


Well, ok then. Regardless, I’m back! Decided it was time to get back to work on this blog, as I really do enjoy writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. And even if you don’t, just lie.

I’m trying to determine the direction I want to take with my blog in 2017. Do I focus on my journey to Ironman Mont Tremblant in August (which is in 198 days…yikes!)? Do I pick a timely topic every few days to give my perspective on? Do I just post pictures of kittens, unicorns and rainbows (hell, after the last 2 weeks in this country, that may be a refreshing change everyone wants! And no, this will NOT be a political blog – don’t go there)?

Awww! (via google)

I guess I’ll see what happens and what my blog muse tells me is the best approach. Or you all can give me your feedback. If I respond with “Thanks for the feedback…” you’ll know I’m not a fan of what you suggested (just keeping in real!

So, for today, I’ll answer the following question:

Why the hell are you doing another Ironman? Are you crazy? 

The short answer? I don’t know and yes, I am crazy.

The longer answer? I honestly wanted to tackle another Ironman almost immediately after I finished Lake Placid last July. For some reason, although I did ok and finished with a somewhat respectable time, I wanted more. I had a really difficult time with the hills on the bike at Placid and it made for an extremely difficult marathon.I felt like all of my amazing training (thanks to my awesome coach Matt, who is my coach again this year!) went a little bit to waste.

It’s hard to explain and I know I sound crazy – trust me, as I type it I think “you’re a loon.”

But hear me out.

So I know no Ironman is “easy” – they’re not supposed to be and that’s why it’s such a challenge and accomplishment to finish. I get that. However, I know I have it in me to put all 3 disciplines together and not feel like I want to die before I even take a step on the run, as I did at Placid. If it hadn’t been for the volunteer pointing out the messages the kids and Rob left me on the back of my number, I may not have gotten out of the changing tent. I doubted myself that much.

Mont Tremblant is not a cake walk (mmmmm….cake….) but from all I read and the research I’ve done, it is not as bad as Placid and the run is fairly flat (which Placid was NOT). Even knowing that going into my training, I already have a more positive attitude about it and I know I can do it.

Sure, there will be challenges along the way, and I know what’s coming with training and the hours I need to put in but I’m ready. I know what to expect, I know what my mental and physical constraints are and I’m working to overcome those.

Although Matt wanted me to wait until 2018 to do another full, I “convinced” him that this was the year for me – and it will *probably* be my last 140.6.


I told him I have no idea what life, work and the kids will bring me next year, and that I wasn’t sure I could get myself back into “full training mode” after taking a year “off” (even though I’m never really “off”, just pared way down).

And again, I know this sounds even more loony, but I’m running the Chicago Marathon in October and I HATE marathon training. HATE. IT. And yes, I’m completely aware that Ironman contains a marathon – but it’s just different to me. Training for Ironman is much less annoying to me than marathon training. I know. It makes no sense. But I told Matt that by training for Ironman, I will then be ready to take on Chicago 6 weeks after and enjoy it without having to hate the training.

I know. I’m nuts.

So anyway…here we go!

Stay tuned – I hope you do, because it should be a fun ride!

1308182672 1600.jpg
I mean, how FUN is this finish line?! I can’t wait to be there in 198 days!! (via google)

Cheers to the weekend (I’ll be in sunny Los Angeles enjoying time with my BFF Julie (go visit her blog HERE – she’s amazing!)


4 Replies to “Kittens and Unicorns”

  1. Haha. “Probably”. Training for an Ironman to avoid marathon training…I’ll stick with the boring marathon training but I’m sure I’ll be complaining to you about it 😆


  2. Funny, I have no desire to train for a full marathon unless (until?) it is part of an Ironman! I totally get it! I enjoy reading your blog about training for an Ironman and the balancing act it entails for a working mom–you make me think I might be able to do it someday, too 🙂


  3. I can hear you! I love that I can hear you! It makes me happy. You truly are an inspiration, Erika. I’m happy you follow your gut and have the ambition to do what you desire. It’s a good thing. I’m proud to call you a friend. I’m going to follow your marathon training bc my lazy butt joined a gym with a trainer! Week 2 baby! Yeeeehaw! I’m going to start running in a couple months. Boom!


  4. I understand completely your need to do this. I tried to do two marathons last year too close together and ended up having to do the half because my foot wouldn’t hold up. I was so upset and ready to “redeem” myself almost immediately. You will be amazing Erika and I look forward d to following your journey once again!
    On a side note, I am running the Chicago marathon as part of the Chad tough fundraising team for pediatric cancer this October too!


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