So, how’s your training going?

Well, thanks for asking!

Oh, you didn’t ask?

How about if I fill you in anyway? Pull up a chair – it will be fun!

So here I sit almost 2 weeks into my training plan and I’m super proud to say I haven’t missed a workout yet! (well, unless you count an optional swim this past Sunday but I don’t!) There have been several days when I did NOT feel like doing what Coach Matt had be doing – like Sunday for example. I flipped my weekend days around and did my tough bike ride on Saturday, leaving a 75 minute “easy” run to do on Sunday.

I did not want to do it. At. All. I had a headache, my motivation was lacking and I just felt off.

It took all my energy and will power to get the girls up and out the door to the gym to face the dreadmill. I was solo with them so I couldn’t opt outside so had to make due with the cards I was dealt.

I told myself to get there and just see how I felt once I got started and if I wanted to stop early, I convinced myself that was ok. But in the deep dark places in my brain, it wasn’t ok. I knew I had to finish the 75 minutes and I would push as hard as I could do to that.

And I did.

And it was slow.

via Google

And that’s ok. I kept my heart rate at or below 150 which is a typical threshold Matt gives me for longer runs. He wants me to establish a baseline now so once I get into more speed work and longer double workouts, I can sustain a pace without taxing my cardio system or legs. It actually works well for me and forces me to not try to kill it on every run. Clearly I can’t “kill it” during the marathon at Ironman – my legs are basically cement blocks by that time so it’s all about survival mode!

I have to say I was very proud of myself for getting it done and I actually felt better afterwards – my headache subsided a bit and I was rewarded with a yummy brunch with my girls and our friend Stacy. Eggs and bacon for the win!

I’ve also been challenging myself with my swim workouts – I’ve been trying to do more yardage with some harder sets and changing things up a bit from my mundane “just swim as many laps as you can before you have to de-fog the goggles…” workouts.

So far I’ve done varying workouts up to 100 minutes on the bike, 3,000 meter swim and 75 minute run. I know it’s going to get harder from here so I have to be ready!

Luckily Sparty the bike got a bit of a make-over which I’m hoping will help – I got a different cassette with more gears to help with climbing and it’s now all tuned up and in good shape for the forseeable future.

I also treated myself to some new bike shoes – and they’re LOUD! Check out these bad boys:

super fun, right?

I have to say, I do have more confidence in myself than I did last year which is a good thing.

Then I realize the race is in 184 days.

And I panic that I’ll never be ready.

Why does that seem so long and so short at the same time? 

If you’re still reading this, why? (ha! I kid…thank you!)  I leave you with a picture for Valentine’s Day of my 2 favorite girls on the entire planet – they were beside themselves today with excitement about their parties and all the candy they’ll consume.

Julia’s hair is a disaster!

Oh and here’s a picture of me with my awesome Coeur sweatshirt! Is this the cutest ever? We all need a little heart and courage these days so why not wear it proudly, too? You can get your very own HERE.


Did I mention I ate my weight in Rice Krispie Treats today? Yea…good times.

Have a great week!


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