Comfy Comfort Bubbles

Happy summer, y’all! I still am having a hard time grasping the fact that it’s already a week into June – I feel like it was just February. Anyone know of a good way to slow time down just a smidge? Holy bananas. Julia will be done with school next week and we will have a newly minted 3rd grader.

Um. What?

Yea, so it’s been a chaotic few weeks with packing in all the things – school activities, after school activities, yard work, flower planting, a trip to Florida WITHOUT THE KIDS (I know!)… and oh that whole work thing and that whole Ironman training thing.

Rob and I were fortunate to be able to take a mini vacation last weekend to celebrate our 15th anniversary and go see Jimmy Buffett play in Tampa. It was the first time we had both been away from the kids, together, in almost 6 years. Talk about being out of my comfort bubble – I felt the range of emotions including the mom guilt and sadness, which quickly shifted to happiness, relaxation with a splash of great company and cocktails thrown in.

It did take me a little while to actually feel like I was on vacation – but once I did, it was so awesome. Rob and I were able to have conversations without hearing “MOM!!” every .23 seconds, we could come and go as we pleased without having to get the kids ready, I could walk out the door with just my wallet and we were able to go running together twice.

I truly loved it. And I’m kinda sad it’s over, to be honest. It was a much needed break from the grind of everyday life, and a break from Ironman training too. I was starting to feel some major mental and physical fatigue setting in so Matt made sure I took some time off to regroup and refocus.

Big thanks to Rob’s mom for taking the girls – it was many months in the making and who knows when we’ll get to do it again, but I will always cherish that trip!

A view from our room at the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater beach – I never wanted to leave!
Relaxing on Clearwater beach
Our awesome Florida family tailgating for Buffett

And back to reality on Sunday night, which hit us like a Mack truck.

As I face the last 10-ish weeks until Ironman, I know I have some big workouts coming and need to be mentally focused. I also know some of these will take me WAAAYYYY outside my comfort bubble. And it started last night when Matt agreed to meet up with me to chat strategy, training and go for a bike ride.

We met in downtown Detroit and did about 23 miles all over the city. On open roads. With trucks. And potholes. And stoplights. And Detroit.

I honestly have never really done a ride like that. Nope, pretty much not even close. I tend to stick to places like parks or paved paths or places without many cars, never mind trucks. But Matt assured me I would be ok, and he was right. He laughs at how timid I am and how I like to stay in my comfort bubble a lot.

True story.

I like it there. It’s my safe place. And I know it’s ok to hang out there, but I also know I need to get the hell outta dodge once in a while. To get to the finish line at Mont Tremblant, that bubble will need to be busted.

download (1)
via Google
via Google

I am ready to get my mental game in check, ready to face what’s coming next and I am feeling confident and excited about the remaining 10-ish weeks. And am thankful to have my Coeur teammies across the world helping me stay motivated and focused.

Now if I can just figure out how to juggle it all over the summer without Julia in school to keep her occupied. Anyone want to come hang out with a spunky, fun almost 8-year-old??

Have a great week!


2 Replies to “Comfy Comfort Bubbles”

  1. So awesome that you got to go see Buffet without the kids (6 years…wow!) and enjoy some R&R! I saw Jimmy Buffet in Wisconsin about 13 years ago and had a BLAST! SO. MUCH. FUN! I can’t believe we are down to almost 10 weeks! Time sure flies by!


  2. I love my comfy comfort bubbles…mmmmm. I’m so happy you guys got some time away and again I’m so proud of you for your amazing bike ride–you are going to kick serious booty at Tremblant!!!


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